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Yom Shlishi, 24 Kislev 5778

Tikkun Olam

 Tikkun Olam4

Tikkun Olam (תיקון עולם) is a Hebrew phrase which translates literally as "repairing the world." It is a belief that was made central by the Kabbalah, esoteric Jewish mysticism, which is developed in the Zohar, a classic book of Jewish mysticism. In the teaching of the Zohar, one way to repair the world after the breaking of the sacred vessels (kaylim) is by performance of mitzvot ("good deeds"). The more mitzvot performed the closer the world will return to its original state of perfection.


RIFA (Regional Inter-faith Association) sends food home each weekend for almost 300 needy children through the Snack Backpack program. The community kitchen serves about 165 people per day. RIFA also passes out nearly 200 sacks of food per month. Please remember the needy when you are filling your shopping cart. This is a small way that everyone can help and contributing to RIFA is a primary and vital part of Congregation B'nai Israel's outreach to the wider Jackson community.

A list of food items needed by RIFA is published in the B'nai Israel Weekly email. Please bring your items to services on Friday evening and place them in the basket in the lobby. The items are delivered to RIFA each month by members of the congregation.

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"The world is sustained by three things:
Torah, Worship, & Loving Deeds."
~ Ethics of the Fathers 1:2